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Hiking – Malovishta

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Malovishta – Kurbinovo

This tour starts at village of Malovishta-the only settlement within National Park Pelister. It was built in the antique and having its social and economic flourish during 19/20th century, with 3.000 inhabitants and several hundreds of houses. It is the only village in Republic of Macedonia that has urban plans and urban arrangement of its territory. First point to be visited is the biggest rural orthodox cathedral church built in the late 19th century, dedicated to St. Petka. This church, today, is home of the second largest icon collection in the country.

  • Hiking through the oldest national park in the Republic Macedonia – NP Pelister
  • Introduction to the only village within the National Park Pelister and its 20th century history – Malovishta.
  • Visit the largest cathedral in the rural areas of the Balkans – St. Mother
  • Visit the Monastery. Anna famous for its miraculous springs
  • Visit of the most important medieval monastery in Macedonia – St. George in Prespa village Kurbinovo, who’s painting the world science considers ancestor of the Renaissance in Europe.
  • Traditional Macedonian Lunch

Once the hiking warm up is over, the trail heads to monastery of St. Ana. Also built in 19th century, this monastery is one of the most visited sanctuaries due to the belief that the water in its springs has divine features, to improve female fertility. Leaving the monastery in good spirit, the trail starts to ascend towards mountain passage Kodro. This is the highest point of the tour, opening perfect views to Prespa valley, Prespa Lake and National Park Galicica.

From Kodro, in about 2 hours pleasant descend accompanied by dense oak forest, the trail reaches monastery of Holy Mother of God in village of Slivnica. From there, within 1 hour, the tour ends at the most important mid-centuries monastery in Republic of Macedonia St. George in village of Kurbinovo.

World science considers St. George to be a precursor of the Renaissance. The artistic attributes of its wall paintings, until today are unmatched. Being painted in the times of reign of Byzantine Dynasty Komnenos, due to their insignia characteristics St. Georges` wall paintings style was proclaimed by the science as special painting style – Komnenos style.

Technical characteristics:

  • Length: 14 km/4.5 hours
  • Starting point: village Malovista (National Park Pelister) approx. 1.200 masl
  • Ending point: Kurbinovo, St. Gjeorgji Monastery 1.080 masl
  • Highest point: Kodra passage 1.739 masl
  • Elevation: approx. 539 meters D+
  • Tour difficulty: moderate

Tour includes:

  • Professional mountain guide
  • Transportation Bitola- v. Malovishta/ v. Kurbinovo / v.Dihovo
  • Traditional Macedonian lunch