Who We Are

Touring Balkan is a licensed incoming tour operator based in the sunny Macedonia with branch offices in Slovenia and Croatia!

We are a dynamic and passionate team of versatile tourism experts dedicated to curating unparalleled experiences in the wider region of the Balkans. Our journey takes you through the enchanting green & blue landscapes of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Romania, inviting you to embark on a remarkable exploration.

We serve our clients, the travel companies and travel agents from all over the world since 2017!

Our Expertise

Our craft lies in meticulously tailoring trip packages & tours that transcend the ordinary and leave indelible memories. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for fresh adventures, we are committed to unveiling the very essence of our vibrant locales. No matter if you travel to only one or more Balkan countries, our 24/7 support and professional services guarantees easiness and excitement in the same time providing tour leaders in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Chinese!

In our realm, we excel in the craft of culture-rich journeys, soft & daring adventures, and meticulously designed incentive travels.

Our Greatest Assets

At the core of our success are the invaluable relationships we have cultivated with the remarkable individuals who form our network of ground operators across the Balkans. These experts are the gatekeepers to the authentic treasures of the regions we traverse, ensuring our guests immerse themselves in the genuine local context. You can feel the authenticity of the destination mingling with the locals as you can cook, wine & dine, join a storytelling session, hike and ride or hit the local markets or take upon an offer to celebrate local way of life together with our hosts in the sunny parts of the Balkans!

Who We Serve

We have been working towards long-lasting partnerships, and we are proud to say that we work with repetitive clients, travel companies and travel agents from EU, USA and Asia. Our diverse clientele portfolio includes passionate outbound travel companies, travel agents and seasoned professionals, esteemed corporations, adventurers in search of the extraordinary, and those who thirst for hidden gems!

We have been crafting trip packages for our clients since 2017, ranging in size from trips for small and private groups up to a hundreds persons incentive trips!

*Touring Balkan is a brand under the Touring Macedonia SPLLC tour operator, license A UP I 13-37 , issued by the Ministry of Economy.