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Hiking – St. Ana

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Village of Malovishta – Church Holy Salvation – St. Ana

This tour offers typical Macedonian tourism experience: world cultural heritage, local tradition and intact nature. Its starting point, village of Malovista, is the only settlement within National Park Pelister, proudly facing all the challenges of existence for more than 20 centuries. Due to its social and economical flourish especially in the 19/20th century, Malovista is the only village in RM that has official urban planning, specific architecture and urban layout of its territory. Malovista is home of the St. Petka church, the largest orthodox cathedral church located in rural area, comprehending stunning collection of icons and beautiful wooden iconostasis.

  • Hiking through the oldest national park in the Republic Macedonia – NP Pelister
  • Visit of the village with 20 centuries of history and the only village within the National Park Pelister – Malovishta.
  • Visit of the largest cathedral church in the rural areas of the Balkans – St. Petka
  • Visit of St. Anne monastery famous for its miraculous springs
  • Visit of the the sanctuary built on the highest altitude in the Republic Macedonia – St. Spas ( Salvation) (2,000 m asl)
  • Traditional Macedonian Lunch

From Malovista, the trail ascents to the church of Holy Salvation. The hiking is followed by unforgettable overviews and sceneries of National Park Pelister’s forests, slopes, peaks, rivers, perfectly green meadows, “colored” in black and brown by famous Malovista horses. Since the ascent of the trail enters only one forest, the blues of the sky are constant hiking companion and energizer.

From Holy Salvation, which is the sanctuary with highest location in Republic of Macedonia (2.000 masl), via Chun and Kodro passages, the trail starts to descend to church St. Ana, where, in the calmness of the deep beech forest shadows, hikers re-gain their spirits and end the journey. St. Ana welcomes each guest with pure mountain water, which, for centuries, local population believes that helps women to get pregnant.