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Krusevo, Prespa

A blue adventure – the two colors of the Prespa Lake and the sky above Pelagonija create perfect atmosphere for this two day adventure.

Kayaking with a professional instructor from Stenje village to Konjsko, with a short visit to the picturesque monastery St. Ilija and familiarization with the orthodox monastic life traditions. Degustation of some of the most exquisite Macedonian traditional meals – Gjomleze and Prespa Carp. The second day is reserved for tandem paragliding flight and gorgeous Pelagonija seen from bird’s perspective – colors, aromas and silence converted into excitement and adrenalin, spiced up with traditional Krushevo cuisine. Check out why Krushevo is on the top of the world’s map for a paragliding flights and why each season thousands of tourists and professional sportsmen right under the slopes of this historic mountainous city fuel their batteries for the rest of the year.

You will enjoy local traditional specialties in an authentic Krushevo atmosphere – a restaurant in the city center or a mountain lodge in Krushevo forests located on a height of 1.300 meters above sea level.

Tour includes:

The tour includes per person (offer for a minimum group of 4):

Day one

  • Kayaking with instructor on Prespa lake (1 hour per direction)
  • Visit of the monastery St. Ilija
  • Prespa’s traditional meal – Gjomleze
  • Lunch in Stenje – Prespa Carp

Day two

  • Professional tandem paragliding flight
  • Lunch – local traditional specialties made out of organic ingredients served in original atmosphere – traditional Krusevo restaurant or mountain lodge in Krusevo forest on 1.300 meters above sea level
  • A promenade thru Krusevo with a professional tour guide